Haylage for horses

We produce Italian Ryegrass haylage, Timothy haylage and Lucerne Haylage in packs and bales

Meadow and seed hay

We produce Meadow hay, Timothy hay, Ryegrass hay and Alfalfa hay in bales

Shavings and straw for equine bedding

We supply a range of dust extracted woodshavings and straw in bales for equine bedding

Old Manor haylage

We produce haylage from Ryegrass, Timothy and Lucerne

Professional growers of quality equine forage and suppliers of equestrian bedding

Deep in the Bedfordshire countryside, Old Manor Farm has grown the finest quality hay and haylage for over 20 years and has been farming the same fields for five generations.

We produce a wide range of hay and haylage to suit all equines from race horses, international showjumpers and eventers to horses with health issues which require a strictly controlled diet. Every stage of the production process is based here at Old Manor Farm, from seeding to delivery of our products to your yard.

All our hay and haylage has a full nutritional and mineral analysis to enable you to tailor your horse’s diet to its needs. We work closely with Forageplus who can provide the perfect balancer to enhance the nutritional elements of our forage.

The best quality forage is the backbone of your horse’s diet and that buying a good quality forage is the most cost effective means of feeding your horse, reducing the requirement for bagged feed.

Our bedding is sourced from sustainable supplies both in the UK and Europe. All our woodshavings and straw-based bedding products are dust extracted.

We have a range of delivery vehicles to deliver from 40 to 1000 bales direct to your yard.

Old Manor Farm forage

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We are trade members of BETA to give you piece of mind when purchasing.

Haylage for horses

We produce all our haylage products on our own farm so we can control every step of the process.

Hay for horses

We’ve cut the same hay fields for years so we know how to make the best quality hay from different grasses​.

Equine bedding

All our equine bedding is dust extracted and we only supply shavings sourced from renewable forests.

You can now buy Old Manor 20kg haylage packs online – they are available as half pallets or full pallets