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We are often asked questions about haylage by horse owners – here are some of the most common.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding haylage and our products – we will be happy to help and offer advice.

We are able to offer 4 different sized packages for our haylage:

  • 20kg pack
  • 200kg compact bale
  • 400kg jumbo bale

Haylage is usually higher in energy and protein compared with hay. Care should be taken to reduce the amount of hard feed your horse receives to counteract for this. If in doubt consult your vet before changing your horse’s diet significantly

As with any significant way in which you look after your horse, it is best to make changes gradually. Start by substituting a small proportion of hay for haylage and gradually increase the haylage and reduce the hay. Make sure your horse has access to enough haylage to satisfy its fibre requirements. As the haylage increases above 50%, start reducing the hard feed.

Once opened haylage will start to ferment aerobically and this will cause spoilage. This is known as secondary fermentation. Our bales are treated with Ecobale when baled which is a bacteria spray which reduces spoilage once opened. Higher dry matter haylage will keep longer once opened and cold temperatures will reduce secondary fermentation. We recommend that once opened, all the wrapping should be removed and that the bale is used within 10 days.

Yes, haylage can be fed to laminitics. Low energy and high fibre haylage such as a Timothy mix is low in residual sugars associated as a contributing factor of laminitis. As the sugars in the grass are fermented, haylage is usually lower in sugar than hay made from the same grass.



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